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Where to visit in Greece!

Greece is one of those countries you must visit and if you are lucky, you will go back and visit again.

Greece is a beautiful location, most places have sandy beaches, the sun is always out, cheap beers and even cheaper gyros!

As Greece has many islands, you can travel easily between each island via ferries, so keep your options open, you can see many different islands during one trip!


Corfu is an island to the west of mainland Greece. There are several flights to Corfu at any point in time. Corfu is a large island that has many spots where you can stay, including an old town (that is pretty big in size). As this island is smaller, you can move around, spending half a week in one location then half a week elsewhere. If you are British and want somewhere with al your normal home options, Roda, Corfu is for you with many British pubs. This location is also good for pool hopping, most hotels let you use their pool even if you are not staying there as long as you buy drinks.


Athens is the capital of Greece, this is the location to get the rich Greece history in. When booking a hotel, make sure it has a rooftop area (we stayed at Adams Hotel), these areas have a great view of the Acropolis where you can watch the sunset while having a drink and taking in the history. Athens has many things to do and you will not run out of things to do.


Santorini is one of the most pretty spots to visit, however it is very different to the rest of Greece. It’s a location that you must try to visit, but one trip will be enough. Accommodation is pricey, and it’s the same for food and drinks. If you want to stay somewhere cheaper you need to look around the south of the island then get a bus or hire a RV into Faro where all the amazing views are. Note you need extra sunblock here, there is almost no shade and the white building reflect the sun. But don’t let this put you off as the views are to die for!


Crete is again a very large island, it is laid back and you can get all your standard Greece needs on this island. Like Corfu, with the size you can always split the holiday up and stay in two different locations. With the size of the island you can stay somewhere like Chania that has a pretty big old town, but you still have access to the beach, all day beach chairs (which are free as long as you have drinks) and lovely restaurants. 

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