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Where to live in London according to a compass

  • North London is perceived as slightly more affluent than other parts, with upmarket people and venues leading to the ironic phrase “It’s grim up North London”. Generally starting north of Euston road and Kings Cross, North London is a mix of wealthy areas such as Hampstead and Highgate, and those less affluent such as Holloway and Edmonton.
  • East London is criticised by some for being full of Shoreditch hipsters and Nathan Barley characters, but also home to what some might call the ‘real’ London. It is often mentioned when people describe a “true London night out”. Many great bars, clubs and concerts are found in East London.
  • South London is sometimes stereotyped as rougher than the rest of London. In truth, while there are bad areas and estates, there aren’t more numerous than its northern counterpart. There are also plenty of green and pleasant suburban areas. Also, generally cheaper to live in.
  • West London is probably the richest part and often more suburban when compared to other parts of the city. It’s often described as calm and quiet (whether that’s a good or bad thing)

Where we ended up:

The area of Fulham can be found in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The Fulham area is a residential area and it has been heavily gentrified over the past decade which has made it one of the most sought after places to live in London for those who are currently looking for a new place to call home. Close to the river for walks, great pubs and restaurants, lots of sports facilities, very safe, and has great connections.

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