24 Hours in Bath UK

Looking for a trip away from London? Head to historical Bath! Bath is only one hour by train from London Paddington and has so many things to do and see.

The best place to start your day is at the Roman Baths, here you can see why Bath became a town and how the Romans used to relax. You can even have a drink by the Bath.

Roman Baths

After the Baths, walk over to Pulteney Bridge, this is a beautiful spot at the river, if you cross over you can also take a river cruise. 

Otherwise keep walking down the river and cross back over the next bridge, from here you can enter Green Park where there are stands set up to get drinks and food while relaxing in the park.

Pulteney Bridge, looking onto Green Park

If you want to relax further, head to the Thermae Bath Spa, which is Bath’s hot pools. You can swim and relax, one of the pools is even on the rooftop where you can get a view of the City. 

Next you must go to one of the fudge shops, they will let you try samples and have a variety of options to suit everyone. 

If you want a walk, head to the Royal Crescent, this is a line of buildings that is a must see, afterwards you can head on to Victoria Park. 

If you want more views you can climb the Abbey Tower, which is next to the Roman Baths. 

Bath Abbey

Once you’re ready for some food, head to either The Oven or Dos Dedos both had great vibes and taste food.

There are a couple of options to extend this trip, you can stay a night this gives you more time to take the city in and enjoy your getaway. Otherwise head to Oxford, this is only an hour on the train and another hour to return back to London, check out this post on Oxford.

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