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Visiting Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a great European location to visit, located between France, Belgium and Germany. This unique location and the size of the country makes it a real clash of cultures.

How long?

Luxembourg is small, so for the size of the country you do not need a large amount of time to see Luxembourg city and a few locations not far from the city. I would recommend 2-3 days to see everything you require.

What to do?

Once you land in Luxembourg, head out of the terminal and jump on a bus for free into the city. You just walk on and ring the bell when you want to get off. The country has made all public transport free to help encourage people to get out of their cars and onto public transport. 

You want to start the day with a free walking tour, we used twenty tour and would recommend this company, it was very detailed and gives you history and things to do in Luxembourg.

After the tour you want to to grab some food, Brasserie du Cercle is a great location to have traditional Luxembourg food and is located very central.

If you would like something less traditional, the square where this restaurant is located has many options including, thai, mexica, pizza hut and many others. We enjoyed the mexican.

If it is christmas time, this square will have a christmas market in it where they have many food options and mulled wine! You can also play some games or get a Xmas souvenir.

Now you should head to the war tunnels, these were closed when we were visiting but hopefully they are open again by the time you visit. These look very interesting and are a city under the city. To end the night head to Scott’s Pub in the valley, for a drink with a view in a beautiful valley.

Day 2

Today you want to head out of the city and to a smaller town that is located on one of the borders. Here are a few options,


Just to remind you again, public transport is free! As long as you stay within the city, head to Vianden which is about an hour away and a bus takes you the last bit for free. This town has a romantic castle perched on a hilltop, you can get a ski chair-lift to the top for a few euros, then meander back down. There’s also an aerial adventure treetops thing there too which there is no need to book in advance.


You can grab a bus to Echternach which takes under an hour. Here you can work through the sweet town to the river Sure and walk over the bridge to Germany. After this you can visit one of the large churches that are in the centre of the town.

Afterwards you can find lunch for much cheaper than Luxembourg city, there are many all you can eat chinese. Afterwards you can walk around a little lake that is located not far from the town before heading back to Luxembourg city. 

Day 3

To kick off your day, grab an electric hire book, these are located all around the city and are super fun! Head into the valley and bike along the river, this is such a unique way to see the city and to take in the views.

Depending on where you start or end, ensure you ride the glass elevator for a breathtaking view. 

Next you want to tick off anything that you have missed, walk or bike through Parc De La P├ętrusse, see the crypt under the Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame, or look at the gallery that is located under ground.

Where to Stay?

Most locations in Luxembourg city will be central and easy for you to stay at. The added bonus of Luxembourg is free public transport if you do stay further out you can jump on a bus or the light rail for free.

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