Top 10 Travel Youtubers in 2022

Not only do we like to travel, we also like to watch other people. There is no Netflix show as great as the people in this list below who usually on a weekly basis upload fantastic travel related content. Some are Youtube megastars and some will be there soon. Here’s our top 10 favorite travel youtubers

1 – Kinging-It

We are Craig and Aimee, from South Wales, UK. After Aimee was diagnosed with Cancer at 18 and Craig broke his neck shortly after by a freak accident,
we decided life really is too short. (Watch that video here We love to give ourselves travel challenges throw us into some mad country with an even madder vehicle and you’ll find us having the best time possible.
Our mantra is Rule Your Own World – we only get one life and it’s YOURS to chose how to live it – make it count. We’ve been documenting our world travels since 2014 & recently ramped up our challenges: 2018: We drove a 1.2 litre fiat panda to Russia on the Mongol Rally 2019: We bought a rickshaw in India and travelled from the North to the South 2020: Converted a bus we bought off Ebay, into our tiny home of wheels – with absolutely zero experience


2 – Raya and Loius

Travel, Van/Bus Life, Conscious Living ! We’re so excited to share couple’s travel vlogs, relationship advice, wedding prep, family vlogs, deep and honest conversations and to see a side of us that you may have never seen before. Subscribe to follow along and make sure to turn notifications on to never miss a video!

3 – Sailing La Vagabonde

We are an Australian couple with the dream of circumnavigating the globe by sail boat… initially having no clue of how to sail. We have now sailed over 90,000nm each across many oceans. Through our videos we hope to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness. With YOUR support we can keep these movies coming every Monday/Tuesday (depending on your timezone)


4 – Paddy Doyle

Paddy recently quit his dream job as a teacher to hop on a little Honda Dream Motorbike and spend a year exploring every corner of the beautiful kingdom of Thailand Series 1 – Visiting all 77 Provinces of Thailand via my little Honda Dream, Series 2 – Vietnam on a motorcyle from North to South.


5 – Daneger and Stacey

We’re a couple of content creators from little New Zealand, doing big things.

In late 2016 we got the itch to travel, started our online businesses and booked a one-way ticket to Thailand. Selling all our belongings, quitting our jobs and breaking away with a dream was the scariest decision we’ve ever made… but we’ve never looked back.

As of today we’ve been fortunate to explore close to 50 countries — immersing in cultures, meeting the people, discovering hidden gems, tasting the cuisine and sharing the experience with over 200,000 of our friends on YouTube and Instagram.


6- Flying the Nest

We are Stephen, Jess & Hunter Parry-Valentine, an Australian family with a passion for travel & adventure!

Our story starts back in 2015 when the desire to drop everything to fly the nest overwhelmed us. Before we knew it we were boarding a one way flight across the globe … and we have never looked back.

Since then we have travelled to over 80 countries. Hiked to Machu Picchu in Peru. Explored the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Floated in a hot air balloon over Turkey. Slept in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives. All whilst bringing over 2,000,000 fellow travel addicts along for the journey.

We are now on our biggest adventure yet – raising our baby girl, Hunter.


7 – Kara and Nate

Hey, y’all! We are a husband and wife from Nashville, Tennessee. We started our YouTube channel on a whim when we decided to take a year off and go travel back in 2016. One year quickly turned into 4, and at the very end of 2019 we stepped foot in our 100th country.
Shortly after achieving our 100 country goal, the pandemic hit. With international travel no longer an option, we bought a van and spent two years traveling around the U.S. living in our tiny home on wheels. At the beginning of 2022, we moved out of the van and back into our suitcases full-time. We’re not exactly sure what our next “goal” is going to be, but we’re currently having fun bouncing around the globe chasing our passions and interesting stories.


8 – Retired Working for You

My name is Chris, and this channel has 2 goals: 1. Offer fun + informative videos from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. 2. Create a growing community of people who inspire one another to live life to the fullest.


9 – Bald and Bankrupt

The defining characteristic of Bald and Bankrupts channel is his interest in the post soviet states. He will take you off the beaten track to places where you would never have thought you would see (or knew existed). A charismatic British man who goes to places where he’s sometimes not at first welcome, but shortly after building trust is usually shown how life really works in the places he visits by unique characters.

10 – Sailing Nahoa

We are Ben, Ashley, Willa & Bodhi, a Canadian family sailing around the world. Our goal here is to show you the World as we encounter it. How it exists. Without judgement but with understanding and openness to other ideas.


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