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48 Hours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a wonderful European city that has so many things to offer, I have been 5 times now and there are still things on my to do list!

Day 1

When you land at Schiphol Airport, the city, Amsterdam Centraal is a very quick and easy train ride away taking 20 minutes on a modern clean train. 

If you arrive by train then you are in luck, you are in the city centre!

Once you have dropped your bags off at your accommodation, you want to wander the beautiful streets. I would recommend a walk to Jordaan, this is one of the oldest areas in the city that gives you those classic Amsterdam shots.

Every Amsterdam trip must include a trip to a coffeeshop. If it’s your first time don’t worry everyone is there to help you and you can even buy pre rolled joints.

From Jordaan, you can head to Rijksmuseum, this is Amsterdam’s famous museum, if this is not your thing there are many other options of choice from. Otherwise if it is winter time the pond behind Rijksmuseum transforms into a ice skating rink. In the summer this is a great spot to catch the sun on one of the many park benches. 

After the museums I would recommend heading to Vonderpark and chill out like a local.If you can find a supermarket, drop in and grab some stroopwafels – this is my favourite dutch treat!

As the sun starts to set, head towards Amsterdam Centraal to the Damrak Waterfront. Here you can catch a canal tour to learn about the city and see the sights from the waterways.

At dark, you must head to the Red light district and walk up and down the streets. There are so many sights to take in, the lights, sounds and smells are like nothing else in Europe.

Day 2

When you have had a breakfast fix and one of the many Pancake shops you have to take a bike tour and get out of the city, we went with Mikes Bikes. You will learn about canals and windmills as you bike along. You will then reach a farm where you can see a clog be made in the traditional way and taste some local cheese. Oh and if you are lucky you will see some calves. 

After lunch head back to Jordaan to visit the Anne Frank Huis. This tour will take you back to WW2 and what the Jewish population had to face during that time. It is a moving experience that makes you thankful to be born in a different time. You must book this in advance to ensure you get a ticket. 

After that jam packed day you need to find a herring stand and eat as the locals do. They will serve up pickled herring and onions. Trust me it’s better than it sounds!

Things to do,

  • Wander around Jordaan
  • Visit a coffeeshop
  • Rijksmuseum
  • Chill at Vonderpark
  • Try a stroopwafel
  • Canal tour
  • Walk down the streets at night in the Red light district
  • Bike Tour
  • Anne Frank Huis
  • Eat pickled Herring

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