Overrated London Tourist Attractions

When you arrive into any big city you automatically look for the top attractions. Whilst many of the recommendations make sense and are tourist hot spots for a reason, not all are created equal. We have listed 6 so called “top” attractions that you may be better off missing.

Madame Tussauds – Overrated Tourist Attraction #1

For whatever reason that I can’t figure out, Madame Tussauds features as a tourist attraction in more cities that just London. So often city entertainment passes will have their prices inflated for this strange place. If you aren’t aware, it’s a Museum chain for life-size wax replicas of famous celebrities & historic icons in themed galleries. It could be fun as an activity when in your own city, but if you’re limited on time then this is certainly one you want to miss.

Oxford Street – Overrated Tourist Attraction #2

Oxford street is famous for its shopping. If you’re expecting a true fashion hotspot for London then miss this all together. Oxford street is horrifically busy that makes shopping a complete nightmare in store and walking down the street. Unfortunately this street is home to every chain shop you could expect from the UK and America. If you’re after shopping, Camden market is a tourist hotspot but at least it’s interesting.

Harrods – Overrated Tourist Attraction #3

Harrods is home to over 3000 brands, shop designer fashion and accessories, luxury beauty, fine jewellery and watches, food, furniture and more. It’s fantastic if your uber rich wanting to buy your new Prada bag, but if you’re in touch with the common man, then there’s nothing to do here other than window shop.

Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾ – Overrated Tourist Attraction #4

I love Harry Potter! absolutely love it… but making a trip specifically to Kings Cross for a photo with the trolley going into the wall, then you’re going to be disappointed. It’s horrifically busy and you will be rushed to take a photo with a queue of people behind you judging. If you’re really into Harry Potter go book a slot at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour . Here you will also get to take a photo with the trolley and see literally everything else you dream of when it comes to the wizarding world.

Picadilly Circus – Overrated Tourist Attraction #5

Ok, Piccadilly Circus is famous for it’s features in many movies and Call of Duty games, but other than a handy underground stop, there’s really not much to it. If you’re not in that direction there’s really not much to see.

The Shard Viewing Gallery – Overrated Tourist Attraction #6

The view from the Shard is great, but the reason this is overrated is because it’s overpriced and there’s better alternatives. A trip up will cost you £28, which is money better spend on a few pints at the local pub. I also personally feel it’s too high! you cant really get a real feel of the City when you can’t make out much. A better alternative that costs nothing and has a great view and atmosphere whilst being in central London is the Sky Garden . Here you can book a table or just a ticket up for the cost of literally nothing.

The M&M Shop

If your idea of a good time is the smell of cheap chocolate and smelly kids, then this is the place for you. If that’s not your cup of tea, then simply walk past it when heading into China town. M&M’s are everywhere, you don’t need to go to a multilevel store to see millions of pebbles.

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