Last minute plans for a day in London

It’s the weekend and your lacking plans, well don’t worry, you can turn this around quickly.

First jump onto https://www.londontheatredirect.com/last-minute

Here you can look for shows that have tickets remaining and normally with booking on the day you can get yourself a real bargain. 

Some tips, don’t be afraid of the first row, the normally state restricted view, but you can always see everything from these seats and you are nice and personal up in these seats.

The next tip, use theatre directly to find tickets, then check the show’s office site. Sometimes the price is cheaper on the direct site, but using theatre direct is a great way to check many shows at one.

Once you have a show locked in, head to the west end! Once in the west end you can make your way to Chinatown. Here you will have many options and cheap options to wine and dine.

Also look for Pre theatre specials, these are normally well priced set menus where you can get a selection of foods to try.

Next make your way to the show. Generally speaking theatre food and drinks have high prices at the theatre. We head to the supermarket to get a drink and some sweets. There is a good size Sainsbury’s at 63 Charing Cross Rd. 

After you have watched the show depending on the time of year, once you come out it will be dark, this can be a nice time to get a drink. There are many pubs around the area, The Porcupine is a classic British pub. If you want something cheap, the Wetherspoons is located in Leicester Square. 

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