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An adventurous option for those who prefer to be active and explore in ways others would shudder at the thought of. Bikepacking has become increasingly popular over the years with the advancement of durable bikes and lightweight equipment.

Bikepacking is where you will bike between your locations or simply on a route you’re interested in exploring. It gives the rider the ability to decide where they will stay, whether its hidden in a Forrest with a tent, campground, or finding a hotel with a bathtub to relax at the end of the day. The flexibility Bikepacking gives an individual is completely endless, and those long days of cycling will allow you to eat and drink whatever you want without the added pounds and kilos that those who opt for a resort holiday must endure.

There are many already established cycling routes throughout the world. Europe already has an extensive well trodden and mapped out routes through official cycleways.

See https://en.eurovelo.com/ for full routes

Riverboat Cruise

A Riverboat cruise is a bit of a different take on the traditional sea cruise. A Riverboat is smaller and navigates the river channels. It’s a fantastic option that generally appeals to those who are a bit older than they are young, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t enjoy it. See our review of a riverboat cruise we took here. The benefits of a Riverboat is you will always have calm transport, so no need to worry about sea sickness and many of the stops will be places that are off the beaten track, allowing you to explore countries in a more unique way that those who simply go to capital cities. Riverboats cater towards being a “luxury” experience with good food, wine, activities, entertainment and many different cabin styles.


An epic way to travel is by Sailboat. It really doesn’t get more beautiful than this. Whether you’re an experience sailor who can sail or a complete newbie that has no interest in sailing themselves, there are now an abundance of companies to assist. A very popular holiday is the European summer where seas are calm and each day you can dock up to beautiful seaside towns that look straight out of a movie.

We decided on Croatia for a week which was a complete blast. We wen’t with a group of friends (total of 8 people) and a skipper who was fantastic getting us around where we needed to go and feeding us when on board. In the evenings, we would be partying up in beautiful towns during the summer where it was always warm. During the day, relaxing onboard, going for a swim in Crystal clear water away from any other humans. It’s really the best.

Freckle sailing in Croatia with www.Medsailors.Com

Converted Van

You may see a lot of Youtubers doing this, and it’s a bloody cool way to travel, especially on the longer term. Campervans are bike, expensive, and difficult to get around. However, if you’re Ok with being in a tighter situation, converting a standard van or people mover is a pretty neat option. It will allow you to move with your accommodation, saving costs of using hotels. At the same time you don’t have to worry about transport, because your new house is your transport.

We wrote a short article about our own van conversion – see here

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