Top 10 Common Travel Mistakes

Below we have detailed 10 common travel mistakes that we have been guilty of ourselves on occasion and certainly see others making the same travel mistakes. If you avoid all these 10 things, you are on track to have a great trip.

1- Trying to do too much

Ok I get it, you want to make most of your trip and that’s understandable. But accounting for every single hour and minute ahead of time with to dos and must sees just want result in a the good time you want. You wont be able to really sit back and take in what what you’re experiencing, because your mind will be focused on your watch. Unless you’re 18, your energy levels might not be where you had hoped either to even get your plan done. Also, travel time is a killer! any day you have to travel to another location, consider it a write-off. Sometimes its better to pick 1-2 places for a 5day trip than opting for 5 places. If you love a place, you can always go back!

2 – Not going outside your comfort zone

The things you remember (in this case good) are usually the things that are outside your comfort zone. Like anything that’s a little different or even scary, you are usually happy to have done it. When you travel, you have an opportunity to experience life in a different way. So don’t get stuck in your own head. See our tips to be calm.

Learning to paddle a basket boat in Vietnam

3 – Being too cheap

There’s a time and place for being cheap. If you’re a long term backpacker, then fine, keep your pennies close. However, if you’re not a full time Vagabonde, give yourself some enjoyment and spend a little on something to remember. Maybe its an excursion, a broadway show, or a souvenir.

4- Not trying local cuisines

Don’t be that person. Don’t be the person sitting poolside simply eating french fries and beer from your own country. Sure some of the food may look a little weird, but most of the time its fantastic and you will be trying to replicate it once you get home. I had no idea I would love Escargot (snails)… but i do.

Escargo in Paris

5 – Only staying in the Tourist areas

Tourist areas have their place. But don’t spend all your time there. Try get out and see the local side of things. Particularly when it comes to food. If you’re in a tourist area you will be charged a lot more money simply because its in the tourist area. If it’s food, the quality is usually terrible as they aren’t looking for return customers. If a menu has pictures…. you’re not going to have a great meal.

6 – Not enjoying the moment

Put the camera down! it’s so saddening to see someone reach for their phone before they even take in what they are going to take a photo of first. Be in the moment and then take a photo if you must. Try your best to not think too much about what had just happened or what’s going to happen, live in the moment.

A good example is people taking videos of fireworks. Who actually watches those? no one. So just enjoy it.

7 – Not giving yourself enough buffer time

This is very specific to travel times – Airports, bus stations, tours etc. You will be amazed how often you get confused in a foreign country and can’t figure out where you’re meant to be. Or there is a traffic jam right in your way. Give yourself some extra buffer time when you’re off somewhere you have never been before. It will also make you feel more relaxed.

Bangkok Traffic

8 – Packing too much

How often have you packed a million different combinations of clothes but yet only wear the same shorts and top 3 days in a row. Pack things you know you must have and for clothing items, pack clothes that will coordinate with anything. That way you it will save you having to lug around 20kg worth of useless stuff on your back in the melting sun. Packing Guide Checklist.

9 – Not knowing the visa requirements

Just don’t be that guy. Do your research up front. If you don’t you wont be going anywhere.

10 – Not being accepting of the culture

You will struggle and become infuriated if you expect things to be done the same way that you’re used to. You have to go with the flow, if you’re on an island then you will have to get used to ‘island time’. Trust in the process, its likely things will work out. You won’t understand how they do, but 99% of the time it works.

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